AJD Regeneration

Big Lottery hopes for Carriers of Hope

After preparing a Big Lottery Reaching Communities Stage 1 bid for Carriers of Hope in Coventry, we are thrilled that the Lottery have invited a Stage 2 application, which we are aiming to submit in time for the 1st June 2018 deadline. If approved, the project will provide the staff  needed their distrubution centr to double Carriers of Hope’s capacity to serve the most vulnerable and destitute people.


“You really do feel like you have another employee on board who "gets" your organisation when you have Andy on your side.”
Tim Coleman, Station Manager, Radio Plus
“Working with Andy made it seem so easy when he guided us in the right direction with all the rules, regulations and form filling.”
Alan Griffiths, President, Broad Street Meeting Hall
“I really love what you've done for us. You really "get" us and understand what we do and what we're good at and who we're working with. Thank you for this.”
Sue Sampson, Carriers of Hope
“Andy has vision and a thorough understanding of the complex issues around community development. He has the motivation and drive to make things happen.”
Ian Harrabin, Managing Director, Complex Development Projects Ltd
“A reputation for developing highly innovative funding and delivery solutions for complex regeneration problems.”
Tony Auty, Director of Property and Fabric, Coventry Cathedral